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13-year-old guitar student Blake Blevins

13-year-old guitar student Blake Blevins
performing Jimi Hendrix's "Purplehaze"
for the crowd at the Alderwood Mall.

"I've learned a LOT of cool stuff from my guitar instructor Jim Fitzpatrick. He's taught me just
about everything I know on the guitar, but just
as important as learning all the right notes to
play he's also inspired me and helped me to
be confident playing live shows and to believe
in myself as a musician - thank you Jim!"

Guitar4you student Blake Blevins


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Blake Blevins - Guitar4you student
Guitar4you student Joe S.



Not only am I a music instructor, but I also do graphic web design for musicians, bands, and small companies. If you or your group want to display your project online I can create a cool website for you!


"I've been all over the world playing guitar for over 20 years, and while
I'm a good player I still wanted to learn more about jazz to improve
my soloing, playing over dominant chords, etc., and I was looking to get a new set of improvisational skills beyond just the rock licks I already knew how to play.

Jim really helped me learn and understand the music theory behind the chords I was playing over, and he taught this old dog some great new tricks!"

Guitar4you student Joe S.


Below are photos of some of my students and their testimonials and thoughts regarding my music instruction and our lessons together.

My students come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds, but the one thing we all have in common with each other is our love and respect for the music and beauty of the guitar!

I appreciate all their kind words and friendship!

Guitar4you student Peter K. Guitar4you student Dori M.

"Jim is a very good teacher, and I've been learning rock, blues, solo improvisation, and music theory with him."

- Guitar4you student Dominic N.

"In just a few weeks I learned how to play AC/DC, Audioslave, Blink 182 and more - Jim rocks!"

- Guitar4you student Peter K.
"I'm a professional singer learning to play guitar with
Jim Fitzpatrick. He's a good guitar instructor!"

- Guitar4you student Dori M.
Guitar4you student Olivia B. Guitar4you student Mel O. Guitar4you student Ken T.
"Mr. Fitzpatrick is a good teacher and he always
makes me laugh in our music lessons!"

- Guitar4you student Olivia B.
"I've worked with Jim on both guitar and bass, in rock, blues, and jazz styles, and he's an excellent teacher!"

- Guitar4you student Mel O.

"I'm in a band and was looking for a teacher who could show me more than just how to read TAB and Jim is it!"

- Guitar4you student Ken T.

Guitar4you student Mike C. Guitar4you student Erik S. Guitar4you student Vince C.
"I've been studying guitar with Jim Fitzpatrick for a couple of years - he's a great music teacher!"

- Guitar4you student Mike C.
"In two years I went from being a beginner to playing gigs at coffee house and open mics - thanks Jim!"

- Guitar4you student Erik S.
"I'm into old time rock 'n' roll, blues, and a little jazz too. Jim's taught me Chuck Berry to Sinatra to ZZ Top!"

- Guitar4you student Vince C.
Guitar4you student Rich D. Guitar4you student Ross C. Guitar4you student Angela S.
"I'm a singer-song writer, and Jim's guitar lessons were very informative. His knowledge on guitar is impressive."

- Guitar4you student Rich D.
"Jim really knows his stuff and I learned way more from him than I ever would have learned on my own."

- Guitar4you student Ross C.
"Jim's a good guitar instructor - I had a lot of fun learning
how to play electric guitar in our music lessons!"

- Guitar4you student Angela S.
Guitar4you student Michelle G.. Guitar4you student Blake B. Guitar4you student Peter S.
"Jim taught me a lot of songs on guitar so I could
play in an alternative rock band with my friends!"

- Guitar4you student Michelle G.

"I've learned a LOT of really cool stuff from my
guitar instructor Jim Fitzpatrick - thanks!"

- Guitar4you student Blake B.

"My wife got me a Christmas gift certificate for lessons with Jim and I'm learning a lot of rock and blues guitar!"

- Guitar4you student Peter S.
Guitar4you student Sam L.

Guitar4you student Tim S.

Guitar4you student Joe C.
"Jim's a good teacher. In a short amount of time I was playing 'Crazy Train' in my school's talent show!"

- Guitar4you student Sam L.
"Not only did Jim teach me a bunch of cool songs - he also helped me find a great guitar and amp to buy!"

- Guitar4you student Tim S.
"I'm 42 and I've loved rock 'n' roll since I was a kid! Jim's a great teacher, very patient, and a really nice guy!"

- Guitar4you student Joe C.
Guitar4you student Michael B. Guitar4you student Kenny W. Guitar4you student Michael W.
"Jim teaches all levels of just about every kind of music and we have some great laughs during my lessons!"

- Guitar4you student Michael B.
"I've been working with Jim for a couple of months now and I'm learning to play some killer punk rock songs!"

- Guitar4you student Kenny W.
"I found Jim teaching guitar on TV and I've been studying with him ever since - he's a phenomenal guitar teacher!"

- Guitar4you student Michael W.
Guitar4you student Daniel W. Guitar4you student Tristan W.  
"I took guitar lessons with Jim Fitzpatrick and he taught me a lot of songs along with some great music theory!"

- Guitar4you student Daniel W.

"Jim is a great teacher - he always shows me what I'm interested in on guitar and I highly recommend him!"

- Guitar4you student Tristan W.
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